Building Digital Classrooms

India is a demographically young country. Among this young cohort, the country has a major skills gap.In fact, the country still has 1st generation learners and still 200 students out of 500 in government schools do not go to school regularly.Whether or not you pass or fail, you are promoted to the next class. This means that even if you don’t know how to write your name you are in the next class if you are of the right age. However, attendance is directly proportional to performance and students who are performing poorly generally back out. They are usually first generation learners who don’t know how to read and write the alphabet and numbers.

At Indus Net, we always believe growth is not defined by boundaries in this age of digital. So to discover true potential of these young minds we saw knowing the language of the globe was the big help. To realize this dream we at Indus Net Foundation started a program named Read <to> Learn in collaboration with Krishworks, an IIM Calcutta incubated EdTech. The focus is not only on the children but also on teachers who are provided training on soft skills, the curriculum and training to help them cater to every type of student that is present in the digital classroom.