COVID-19 Relief

Status: Completed

The Covid-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the global community, with millions of people affected by the virus and struggling to access life-saving medical equipment or getting access to medical attention.

INT. Foundation joined forces with other entrepreneurs in the city to contribute through EOK (Entrepreneurs of Kolkata) by doing the following:

  • Managing supply chain of critical care medical equipments to the hospitals at an unexpected pace, to ensure that the hospitals can benefit as many people as possible.
  • Running a call center to help employees and public at large to enable them to get medical attention when the demand-supply situation went out of control.
  • Donating several life saving equipments like ventilators, h-bap machines, oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders as per requirements and demand that arose.

INT. Foundation is committed to be of service to the community in difficult times through service and financial contribution.


The donation of six oxygen concentrators by the INT. Foundation to the Covid-19 Relief Fund has had a significant impact on the ongoing battle against the pandemic. By providing these critical medical devices, the Foundation has helped to support healthcare workers and patients in need and save countless lives in the process.

The donation has also highlighted the importance of philanthropic efforts in times of crisis and has demonstrated the power of collaboration between organisations and communities. The INT. Foundation’s contribution has not only helped to address the immediate needs of those affected by the pandemic but has also inspired others to come together and work towards a common goal.

How can you contribute

  • If you’re interested in contributing to the ongoing fight against Covid-19, there are several ways you can help. One of the most effective ways is by making a donation to a reputable organization or relief fund, like the one supported by the INT. Foundation.
  • By making a donation, you can help to support healthcare workers on the front lines, provide critical medical equipment to those in need, and help to fund ongoing research into new treatments and vaccines. Even a small donation can make a significant impact, and every contribution counts in the fight against Covid-19.

News & Updates

Updates 01
May 26, 2021

In the battle against Covid-19, we stood with frontliners. The INT. Foundation’s donation of six oxygen concentrators to the Covid-19 Relief Fund continues to have a significant impact on the ongoing battle against the pandemic. The project has expanded to provide additional support to healthcare workers and patients in need, and the Foundation is exploring new ways to increase its impact in the future. As the world continues to grapple with the challenges posed by Covid-19, the INT. Foundation remains committed to helping communities around the world during times of crisis and supporting those on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic.