Indus Net Foundation is a Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Indus Net Technologies Group which got incorporated in the year 2017and has its registered office at 15 Clive row 1st floor Post Office -GPO. Indus Net Foundation has been working tirelessly in the areas of relief to the poor, education, medical relief, advancement of any other object of general public utility. Over the years since its incorporation. Indus Net Foundation has impacted many direct beneficiaries across all its programs. Our Digital Lab Programme empowers the future leaders of small districts of the country with digital skills. Our Read to Learn project aims to promote growth for both children and teachers collaboratively, with a focus on soft skill development, curriculum training, and creating leaders for tomorrow. The Shree Chavo Veero Girls School aims to be home to over 900 beneficiaries who are currently attending a play school, girls’ school, college, and hostel run by a trust. We are not only committed to digital and education, we also promote animal welfare by creating Griha Sadan for our mother cows. We continue to drive technology for betterment of the society that matters us the most.

Incorporation Certificate

Indus Net Foundation having it PAN bearing AABTI5033L is registered with Registrar of Companies for undertaking CSR Activities and its registration number is CSR00024819.


80G Order Certificate

Indus Net Foundation has been registered under Section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961, the order for approval vide our application dated 06.02.2019 is attached herewith for reference.


12A Registration Certificate

The Order for registration under Section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 bearing PAN AABTI5033L vide our application dated 15.11.2018 can be referred herewith.


CSR Policy

The main objective of CSR policy is to make CSR a key business process for the sustainable development of society. We aim to create a digitally sound economy around us.